KM² operates contact centers in 5 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, including Barbados, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Honduras, and St. Lucia.  These locations leverage bilingual, technically sophisticated personnel, with strong cultural affinities to the United States.  All of our centers are connected on a unified platform for maximum business continuity and redundancy.

We support nearly every industry-type and adhere to all specific quality, technology, logistical, and physical security standards.  We continuously invest in our people, process, organization, and technology to ensuring highest levels of performance, integrity, and risk-management to our clients.

Vertical Markets

KM2 Solutions provides services to a wide variety of industries. From consumer packaged goods to health care services, KM2 can add value to any type of business.  In fact, our prior experience serving these industries can help further improve operational efficiencies.

KM2’s pricing is over 50% lower than the typical domestic center agent cost; an annual savings of $500k for every 15 agents outsourced.


KM2 possesses extensive experience as a go-between for our clients and their customers, guaranteeing high end bill payment processing. For a variety of industries, management of payments is a central activity, particularly in such uncertain economic times. Our multilingual staff is uniquely equipped to handle loan servicing and collections and accounts receivable management for our clients’ customers in an increasingly diverse America.

  • Bill Payment Processing
  • Front-End Collections
  • Mid-Range Collections
  • Loan Origination

All of our agents at KMreceive the necessary training to make both outbound sales and marketing calls and field incoming calls from our clients’ existing customers. With a strong knowledge base of our clientsproducts and brands, our agents can help grow your business by way of member acquisition and can make sure that your customers receive the support they need to remain with you through high quality subscription management.

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Outbound Sales
  • Retention Services
  • Subscription Management

KM2 has made it a priority to recruit and retain a management and agent staff with the know-how to serve in key customer support capacities providing back office solutions as well as technical services. Our emphasis on maintaining sites in regions with a highly educated and skilled workforce has allowed us to provide not only high-end BPO service but to also offer knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) for a wide array of industries and client needs.

  • Data Analytics
  • Help Desk/ Tech Support
  • Social Media Management

Our selection of call center sites in regions with an extensive tourism and service sector has helped provide us with agents who are not only professional, but fully endowed with the interpersonal skills needed for quality customer care and support.  We are highly adept at providing personalized and solicitous activation services as well as the welcome calls and service introductions that remain an integral component of doing business in the internet age.

  • Customer Service
  • Email Engagement
  • Live Chat
  • Welcome Calls

At KM2 our agents are trained to dependably perform all standard back office tasks.  Given our multilingual capabilities, we can provide high quality transcription services and data entry.  Also, with our extensive experience working for credit providers and related industries, KM2’s verification services are top notch.  And if our clients’ customers have in-depth questions that need answers, our agents have the internet savvy to conduct fast and effective online research.

  • Audio & Video Transcription
  • Data Entry
  • Online Research
  • Verification Services
On average, KM2 collects $75 more per hour than domestic collection agents for every $500 collected; a revenue increase of over $150k per agent per year.

Our Technology

KM2 has built its technology platform to meet the complex demands of the modern BPO landscape.

Best in Class Private MPLS Network.

KM² Solutions provides full redundancy to all of its facilities including dual North American Colocation facilities assuring the optimum in performance and reliability.

Best in Class Contact Management Solutions

KM² Solutions offers full multichannel contact management solutions to meet whatever need the client might have, all managed through one easy to use interface.

Modular Voice and Data Gateways.

Our flexible designs allow us to connect to clients and vendors in the method that is the best fit for them. Our integration services are world class; we do this every day.

Continuous feedback

Our systems bring together all phases of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment, to training, quality monitoring and performance. These systems allow us to quickly react and take decisive action always driving the best in performance.

Virtual Desktop Environments.

KM² Solutions can rapidly deploy and manage our desktop environment providing clients the flexibility they need in a safe secure environment.

Change Management

KM² Solutions technology operates under a robust change philosophy that allows for maximum flexibility in a prudent and controlled manner.

Client Experience

As a client, working with your nearshore team couldn’t be easier. We will build the experience to fit your style of management. Some details you will manage directly, the others we will handle in-house.

We excel in operating rapidly scaling businesses, seasonal demand, and uncommon daily or weekly interval patterns.


At KM² Solutions we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standard of integrity in serving our clients. We perform with strict adherence to our clients’ guiding principles and values.

We take extra care to protect the reputation and brand image that each of our clients have worked to build.  Regular monitoring and audits of our branch locations are conducted to ensure compliance with all industry acts and standards including FDCPA, HIPAA, TCPA, FCRA, TCFAPA, and PCI DSS.  We work tirelessly to maintain our record of high quality performance on every account.

“If we can measure it, we can manage it”

The KM2 operations team is expertly data-driven. We measure every element of your campaign and continuously strive to improve results.