KM² Solutions is a company that provides value to our clients by delivering reliable, effective and best-in-class Call Center and Risk Management Solutions supporting the following industry verticals:


Financial Services




Direct Marketing

KM² Solutions meets and exceeds all industry specific Quality, Technology, Logical and Physical security standards. All our centers are connected on a unified platform for maximum business continuity and redundancy. From our state of the art MPLS network, PCI Compliance (certification in progress) and SAS 70 certification, KM² Solutions has and continues to make the required investments in People, Process, Organization and Technology in ensuring highest levels of integrity and compliance to our clients.


KM² Solutions always considers our clients' reputation and image in the marketplace when touching their customer. We perform with strict adherence to our client's guiding principles and values. KM² Solutions has a track record of integrity and quality that matches its performance. To preserve brand image and lay emphasis on reputation, KM² Solutions has proactively taken steps to protect the brand image of our clients. We conduct regular monitoring and auditing of our branch locations, our staff and account executives receive compliance training and guidelines such as FDCPA, HIPAA, FTCA, and TCFAPA to ensure regulatory compliance.


KM² Solutions is committed to providing Clients with high quality customer service. Our executives and operations teams maintain close contact with our Clients from concept through the deployment phase and thereafter. KM² Solutions has the flexibility to craft custom programs to meet our client's unique business needs.


KM² Solutions actively recruits, trains and retains the most qualified people available. We take every measure to ensure that our agents and managers have full knowledge of the products and services offered by our clients. Our team understands the importance of the client's brand image and reputation.

Our recruitment, training and retention programs are the foundations that drive Service Excellence!




KM² Mission

Our mission is to provide our client partners with unparalleled value through our commitment to Near Shore call center solutions, long term business partnerships and a philosophy that continually seeks tomorrow’s solutions for today’s business needs.

We exceed our client’s expectations.




David Kreiss, President

David Kreiss is the founder and President of KM² Solutions...

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Maggi Williams, Chief Global Strategy Officer

Maggi Williams is responsible for the Global growth and development of KM²'s business in Central America and the Caribbean...

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Eric Stein, Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Eric Stein is applying his years of experience to diversify, grow and maintain clients and to increase the market awareness of KM² Solutions...

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Ray Valentine, Chief Technology Officer

Ray Valentine is the Chief Technology Officer at KM² Solutions. Mr. Ray Valentine has over 20 years of experience in call center technologies...

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Stacy Bagal, Senior Advisor – Media

Stacy Bagal has over 25 years experience serving major media groups throughout the United States. He has managed and developed successful inbound and outbound programs for customer service, sales, retention and circulation development for most of the major newspaper properties.

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Gary Myers, Partner

Pioneer in construction and design of Near Shore Call Centers






At KM² Solutions, we believe our global business should be aligned with the issues that are important to the communities where we operate our contact centers.

I. BUSINESS VALUES: Our ethical and legal standards

Principles of Responsible Business

At KM² Solutions we believe that our success as an international contact center is grounded in our purpose, values, and conduct demonstrated each day through our world-class service, ethical business practices, commitment to our employees and our work culture. We demonstrate our purpose, values and principles of responsible business through policies on human rights, diversity in employment, care for the environment, zero discrimination and in the conduct we uphold and expect of others. We endorse these principles through our KM² Cares initiative

Commitment to Human Rights

At KM² Solutions, we support and respect the protection of human rights within the company’s sphere of influence and strive to conduct our business operations accordingly. This includes standing against such practices as gender, race or sexual orientation discrimination, employee exploitation or child labor. KM2 Solutions promotes equality among all of its employees.

Our company adheres to its Human Rights Policy and Principles and which are aligned with Human Rights principles and public concern when tackling these issues. We also have training for our employees to adhere to all of our policies and corporate philosophy through our Employee Code of Conduct, which states that KM² Solutions will provide a friendly work environment, treating every employee with respect and dignity. We strive to provide and entice a harassment free work environment, free from any physical, verbal, sexual and psychological abuse.

II. ENVIRONMENT: Our responsible use of resources and energy efficient practice

All of our sites seek and understand and act on the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our business operations. We have established goals to make our business more environmentally friendly.

Our goals include:

• Further reduce energy and water consumption.

• Promote and support the goals of the Green Building Certified practices in our site in Honduras.

• Educate and inspire staff members and guests to conserve and preserve.

• Establish and support recycling programs at all sites.

III. SOCIETY: Our scholarship and volunteer programs with OYE (Organization for Youth Empowerment)

KM² Solutions contributes to social well being by endorsing and supporting a non-profit organization called OYE (Organization for Youth Empowerment).

OYE’s mission as a community-based, youth-led organization is to develop the leadership and capacity of at-risk Honduran youth who come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and might otherwise be drawn to the path of crime, violence, drugs, and/or gang involvement. OYE’s integrated development approach combines formal education, youth capacity building, and community engagement to inspire and equip young people with the awareness and skills they need to take control of their lives. OYE’s model of sustainable, long-term development focuses its efforts on the empowerment of socially conscious youth who will emerge as leaders and agents of positive change in Honduran society.

KM² Solutions has contributed to OYE by financing 14 scholarship programs and having integrated programs for leadership and capacity buildings that will help the scholar recipients develop their skills furthermore. The company holds a strong relationship acting as the organization’s main local sponsor. The company promotes an Employee Donations Program through which employees sign up to donate 1% of their salary if they wish to donate to OYE every month. Additionally, the company encourages employee integration and the participation in volunteer programs with OYE students to create a closer bond between both entities.

In the Caribbean our KM Cares program involves staff volunteers to get integrated with their communities. In Grenada we currently support the Cadrona House for the Elderly by providing baskets of food and clothing. In St. Lucia have supported Holy Children’s Family Home by donating gifts, toys and supplies that employees donate. We run a “sponsor a child” program determined by team campaign from our call centre employees. And in Barbados we conduct a food drive for HIV victims.

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